Dr. Carlos Vazquez

 Empowering people to grow and build change in their lives

Dr. Carlos  incorporates a holistic approach and provides guidance to both individuals and couples to overcome depression, anxiety, and life's everyday challenges. He empowers people to grow and build change in their life in the shortest amount time possible.

Dr. Carlos addresses different issues such as those related to relationships, work, emotional life, traumas, life transitions, or lifestyle. Dr. Carlos  has experience working with clients of various ages (adolescent through geriatric), race/ethnicities, socioeconomic statuses, and more.  He also guides clients  seeking help for procrastination, relationship difficulties, stress reduction, and chronic pain management.

Dr. Carlos is an Adjunct Professor in Counseling Psychology. He also is a contributing writer to a fitness magazine GorgoMag.com  in which he writes a column on the psychology of fitness.

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